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Re: How can I implement ICEcat XML product data?
Karthikeyan R
Re: How can I implement ICEcat XML product data?
I have gone thru the document. but i could not find that how can i get the XML file (either product or category list) from this site.

Can u pls explain me.

Thank u.

> Attached are the XML Repository Implementation Notes. In case of Open ICEcat, please check the Open ICEcat sections.
> IMPORTANT NOTES in case of access problems:
> 1) the links and files in the download directories are to be downloaded with scripts (from server to server). If you try to download them via your browser, you may experience memory problems. This does not mean that on our side the data is not accessible or correctly available. In case you experience any problem, contact us via the contact form.
> 2) please, review the IP addresses that you entered after login/registration. XML download is only allowed from registered IP addresses.
> 3) After a rip of our general site, an IP address may be blocked. A rip is not acceptable as it hurts site performance, and -for the Full-ICEcat version- is considered to be a crime.

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